Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares The Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Behind Closed Doors..

You never know what goes on behind closed doors..

My girls and I have this "obession".. well its actually out of curiosity and just being nosy.. but its still an "obsession"..  We drive by homes and look for the ones with their blinds or curtains open.  When we find one, we love to look through the windows (as fast as we can because Greg usually speeds up when he realizes what we are doing) and wonder what kind of people live there. If there is a cross hanging on the wall or the door we automatically assume they go to church and if we see huge crystal light fixtures hanging from the ceiling we assume they are wealthy. Looks can be very deceiving though.. Just because the outside of the house looks really bad.. doesn't mean the inside does too or that the people living there are bad people and vice versa. Just because the people living in the homes, by all "appearances" seem perfectly normal and happy.. doesn't mean they are.

The reality is sexual and physical abuse takes place every where.. Even in respectable, loving, Christian homes. It occurs where you least expect it and it affects us all.

Here is a statement given to authorities and taken from actual court papers about a little girl who was being beaten and sexually assaulted daily... All before the age of 5.. I have removed names.. If you are easily offended or not emotionally able to handle raw details of abuse.. STOP READING NOW!!

April 23rd, 1983:  On April 3rd P called our home and asked me to come pick her up and take her for job interviews the next day, Monday. I told her I would but then called her back and told her I couldn't. When Monday came, I changed my mind because I had prayed and felt that I had to go there.  As the mother started putting in job applications "her little girl" started talking and snuggling up to me as if she was afraid. I started asking questions then and she said her mother had told her that morning that she was going to kill her. She told me she was afraid and asked Jesus to come and get her today. I told her to not be afraid that I would help her. When I took the mother home I asked her if she was OK and she broke down crying and said she felt guilty about all the things she had done. She had been so upset with "her child" and was beating her daily. She said they had to stay home from church for 2 weeks because "her child's" face and back was marked so bad from being beat with a belt.  She said her husband was also mean to "the child" and he would punch and bite "the child".

I sat down with "the child" and asked her why she was afraid of adults and she said her new daddy would, after her mommy went to the store, take off all her clothes and have "private" with her. (I will spare you all the very graphic details due to the age of readers this blog reaches). She said she would scream and the neighbors would come and knock on the door and her daddy and her would hide then. He would slap her mouth and tell her to shut up. She also said her daddy would tell her she better watch when him and her mommy had private.  "The child" would tell her mommy and her daddy would laugh and tell "the child" he would do it to her again for telling.

Now the original statement from "The child":

April 23rd, 1983:  My mommy's name is P and my daddy's name is W, My mommy said she was going to choke me, hit me and kill me.
My daddy hit me real hard
I have dreams of my old daddy. He locked me in the bathroom and outside. He told me he was going to let the dogs eat me because he hated me. He spanked me with a belt real hard
My daddy touches me between my legs. My old daddy and my new daddy did that
My dadddy sneaked in and got me one day while I was watching cartoons. He touched me and made me touch him. He touched my mommy there too and made me watch. (I again am removing very graphic details of sexual abuse)
I always told my mommy and she said "W if you don't stop that I'll call the courts"
When mommy came home from the store she said ""child" get those clothes on before I spank you!"
He takes all his clothes off and gets on top of my mommy. You call that making love. He doesn't do that to anyone but my mommy and me.
My old daddy lives in "City". I don't see him anymore and I'm glad. He's mean to me and doesn't love me. He told me.
No one loves me. They told me.

You see... the "child" referred to was me... All of this happened before I was 5 years old.. By all accounts we were a good "All American" family.. We went to Church every Sunday and had lots of friends from Church.. But no one ever knew what was going on behind closed doors...